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More than 40 payment methods. Your customers can choose whichever they want

  • Mobile Apps

    Paying invoices via iOS and Android Apps

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  • Online Banking

    Paying ROBOKASSA invoices through your online banking system

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  • Mobile Commerce

    More than 100 million mobile subscribers

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  • Bank Cards

    Most popular payment method worldwide

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  • E-money

    7 million registered EPS users

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  • Terminals

    More than 100,000 terminals across Russia

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  • Mobile Apps

    Paying invoices via iOS and Android Apps

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ROBOKASSA is a service which helps Merchants (online stores or service providers) accept payments from bank cards, in any e-currency, through mobile commerce services (MTS, Megafon, Beeline), online banking systems of leading Banks in Russia, ATMs or instant payment terminals, and iPhone applications.

Receiving Internet payments online from Robokassa- is:

About company


Robokassa – is a universal solution to the problem of accepting payments from your customers. Started in 2003, Robokassa has established itself as a highly reliable service for receiving payments. Our clients are more than 50 000 companies, including major Russian companies, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, as well as foreign companies.

Accepting payments via secure a secure connection. Robokassa has been certified for compliance with PCI DSS. This certificate confirms that the technology used by us, provide information security during transmission of credit cards data, meet the most stringent requirements.

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millions of bank card holders The number of bank card users in Russia is growing every minute.
The can easily pay for the services and products that you offer using ther cards.

of Runet usersAnd each of them can use any payment method which is most convenient: terminals, e-wallets, online banking, mobile operators and a variety of others. Do not worry about this. We have brought all of them together.

os users go shopping online30% of them decide not to buy online because they find no payment system which would suit them best. Place ROBOKASSA logo on your website to make it clear for your visitors what payment methods are available.

of mobile subscribersROBOKASSA is a handy tool which can easily convert any Beeline, MTS, MefaFon or Tele2 account into a wallet.