How does ROBOKASSА work and how it could be set up?

ROBOKASSA – it is the simple script that can be integrated into your website.
You should not use the complicated programming to interface with payment systems.
Every programmer who acquainted with Perl, PHP, ASP or ASP.NET would be able to integrate our accepting payments system to your website, using the code that is in the examples.

The integration detailed description is contained in Technical documentation .

To get acquainted with the test shop work in various modes and to see the code examples proceed here :

For debugging working with our interfaces the test server can be used. This server is available for the new (have not passed the activation) merchants only. You can use
Documentation for test server using to know how the test server is used.

Widgets and payment modules CMS for the site.

Payment module for 1C Bitrix. Robokassa 1C Bitrix payment

Payment module for OpenCart. Robokassa OpenCart payment

Third-party modules

Payment module for Gollos. Robokassa Gollos payment

Payment module for Perfect CMS. Robokassa Perfect CMS payment

Payment module for WordPress. Robokassa WordPress payment

Payment module for Drupal. Robokassa Drupal payment

Payment module for Magento. Robokassa Magento payment

ROBOKASSA’s logo can be found here.