Requirements for the store's website

Dear partners!

Please pay your attention to the basic requirements for the site, which are necessary to comply with connecting to the service ROBOKASSA.
Namely, at the time of the transfer of your site in the receiveing payments mode (Activation):

  1. Site should be functioning, filled with content, with correct internal links;
  2. Site should not consist of a single page, and/or sell one unit of the goods, must be presented most of the range (the requirement for legal entities);
  3. The site should be laid out in public access and not to request a login/password to login;
  4. When connecting to the My Account service online store, is required to provide test access. My account must be on the same domain as the main site;
  5. Products / services provided by the online shop must not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  6. The store's website should not be placed on a free server (,, etc.) (the requirement for legal entities);
  7. In the online store must be included the full company name, VAT, legal and actual address, phone number and e-mail organization engaged in the sale of goods and services;
  8. Products and services sold in the online store must be described in detail: The description should include the characteristics of products and services, their consumer properties and price;
  9. All pages that are related to the sale of goods, works and services in the online store, should be under a single domain name.

We remind you that these are the basic requirements to be connected online shopping, but every potential customer will be considered on an individual basis.

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