Accepting payments via cash through Payment terminals and communication shops

Accepting payments in cash via QIWI terminals, Elecsnet terminals, Euroset and Svyaznoi.

Robokassa – is a simple organisation of receiving payments in cash through instant payment terminals and mobile phone shops. Immediately after the service connection, this payment method will be available to your customers.

Due to the ease of use and implementation of cash transactions, this method is popular among customers, especially in the regions, as well as the owners of Internet shops and paid services.

Why it is comfortable to work with Robokassa


Payment security

Each payment is thoroughly tested by the system.


Considerable working experience

For over 15 years we help our clients to receive payments.


Easy registration

A quick check of documents.


Fast connection

You can accept payments already from tomorrow.

Connect now

We Work With Legal Entities (Company And Individual Entrepreneurs) And Individuals over the age of 18 years.

Robokassa supports reception of payments through:

    • QIWI Terminals
    • Elecsnet
    • "Euroset"
    • "Svyaznoy"

The customers of online stores that are connected to our system have access to more than 100 thousand payment terminals and more than 7 thousand phone shops in Russia.

About accepting payments through terminals

After connecting Robokassa system to pay for goods or services presented on your site, customers will need to bring cash to the nearest terminal or walk to a nearby communication shop.

The availability of such payment instrument will allow you to simplify calculations with customers and add opportunities for increasing profits.