Paying ROBOKASSA invoices through the iPhone App

For the sake of convenience, we have developed a ROBOKASSA App for iPhone which enables users to make payments directly from their mobile phone.

The functionality of present day mobile phones and extensive coverage by mobile networks (3G and high speed GPRS protocols offered by mobile carriers) make you feel armed at all points merely having a telephone in your pocket.
A modern mobile phone has entirely replaced almost all necessary functions of a desktop computer.

Owing to this, people enjoy more and more freedom.
Naturally, the mobile phone users wish to use all capabilities their telephones provide for their different needs.
This is where different mobile apps step in to help the mobile phone user.
They are very light and bear no load on the mobile phone hardware and consume absolutely negligible internet traffic when exchanging the information necessary for their operation.

ROBOKASSA is one of such apps which is now available for iPhone.
ROBOKASSA App for iPhone can be easily downloaded and installed from iTunes.

You will need to undergo a simple registration procedure in the system where you will be asked to type in your email and phone number.
Further, you will have to link your bank card (Visa or MasterCard) to your user account.
This will take no more than a minute.
That is all what is needed to enjoy the full functionality of our application.

How to make a payment through the ROBOKASSA App for iPhone?

In order to make a payment through the ROBOKASSA App for iPhone you will need, after you have added a product to your basket, to select “Pay by iPhone” from the list of payment methods and type in your phone number which you had registered in the app.You will see an invoice issued to you.In order to pay the invoice, you will need to open ROBOKASSA App for iPhone and find it in the tab “Invoices”.
Further, you will only need to accept the Invoice and select the bank card from which the money will be withdrawn.

The functionality of ROBOKASSA App for iPhone is far broader than just payment of ROBOKASSA invoices.
Once you have installed it and linked your bank card to it, such options as “Mobile Phone”, “Internet”, “Telephony”, “Utilities”, “TV”, “Social Networks”, “Games” and “Other" will be available to you.
You can use one of these options to pay bills, purchase goods or services or top up your accounts.
We are now developing a ROBOKASSA App for Android which we will soon present to our users.